Cedarville Reimagined

Prompted to redesign the small village of Cedarville, Ohio to create a better flow, make it more walkable and add a touch of modern, and join the community together while maintaining the current aesthetic. I used the concept “Connect” to guide my design. This connection I believe should connect the longstanding poeple of the town together with the incoming temporary Cedarville Univerity students.This will allow for great community and hopfully knowladge will be passed from Cedarville to the students who will in turn spread it to the places they end up.

Cedarville Village Market

This is another new addition to Cedarville village. This is a large market place with surrounding storefronts. Looking into the needs the Cedarville community is missing I felt this was the best way to incorporate as many of them as possible. For instance, I invision a small produce market, a few small retail stores, reastaurants, space for people to socialize, and additional vendor space both temporary and long term leases.

Town Hall

This is a new addition to the village that will contain many rooms and offices open for public use through reservation. It will also be the new home of the city coucil. The Cannon “Old Betsy” will be relocated to the front of the buidling to be on display as a landmark of Cedarville.

Beans N' Cream Event Space

This would be a redsign of a current space, behind and on top of the coffee shop, Beans N Cream. It would feature a rooftop stage and seating as well as a floating drink station and seating to watch the sunset. Meanwhile, down behind the shop I turned the parking lot into a green space lined with trees that will give people a place to gather and eat and enjoy the sun next to the now accesible river.