Dakine Camera Bag

I designed a backpack for Dakine. I decided to take inspiration from Dakine by designing for a specific user. I chose Alexander Ryden, an action cinematographer who works filming extreme athletes for brands such as Redbull, Ford and Visa, to design this bag for. I came up with a system that would allow the user to pull two separate pockets up over their shoulders to the front to allow for gear to be quickly accessed without taking off the bag or feeling around to find the pocket. Then I created my final design.  This design uses many features of a Dakine backpack as inspiration and to maintain brand identity. For instance the diagonal pocket, colored zipper pulls and the sideways DAKINE logo.  I also researched the materials that Dakine uses and found Ballistic nylon.   They use this to construct most of their bags.  It is a waterproof, ripstop material and is rigid and durable. In order to get a better feel for the bag and how It would function I created a prototype. I created a hard shelled interior to maintain the structure of the bag to allow the moving component to move easily without the bag crumbling.  This bag also has a main pocket that allows for any camera gear not being used during the current shoot to be secured away and protected.