Industrial Design

Zack Bope Portfolio

Industrial Design

Zack Bope Portfolio


I am an industrial designer with a focus on products aiding users in their space by allowing for ease of daily life, boosting users functionality, and improving the overall aesthetic. 

Furniture Set

I designed a sleek, modern dining area with lighting, table and chairs. I set out to create a table that had no legs, but still functioned…


I was tasked with creating a simple toy car design that fit the brand language of an Automoblox toy car. I ended up going with a long…

Dakine Camera Bag

I designed a backpack for Dakine. I decided to take inspiration from Dakine by designing for a specific user. I chose Alexander Ryden…

Cedarville Reimagined

Prompted to redesign the small village of Cedarville, Ohio to create a better flow, make it more walkable and add a touch of…

“Looking at usual things with unusual eyes”

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